Work Injury Claims

Work Injury Claims

Though comprehensive data concerning the rate of work accidents in Ireland is unavailable, recent figures from the Injuries Board Ireland suggest that approximately one thousand claims for work injury compensation are made by employees each year.

However, these figures may not be accurate – as the Health and Safety Authority fail to distinguish between accidents that occurred in workplaces that were unavoidable and those that can be attributed to the negligence of the employer.

The available data show that the number of fatal accidents in Irish workplaces has been declining this year, though this is likely correlated with the decline of fishing, agriculture and construction.

The data also show that more people are taking prolonged periods of time in sick leave, which could be due to increased pressure, resulting in stress, or unfit working conditions.

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The Impact of Claims on Workplace Relations

A common concern amongst those seeking to claim for work injury compensation is the impact such a claim would have on the relationship between them and their employer, or the impact it will have on their job security.

It is important to emphasworkplace-accident-claimise the existence of laws protecting the employee’s rights in such situations, though it may do little to alleviate the fears of a poor relationship or job insecurity.

Though most employers will be sincere in their upset that one of their staff has been injured, though this does not mean they will be open to the ensuing investigations.

For those thinking of proceeding with an action, it is also important to remember that your employer will not be directly responsible for paying any resulting settlement; rather, it will be covered under their public liability insurance policy.

Complications in Claiming Compensation

As many as three in ten people who suffer severe or fatal work injuries in previous years were not classified as “employed”, though they may have been included in the categories of self-employed, working for a relation, sub-contracted or working for an agency.

Despite this complication, such individuals are not immediately precluded from claiming work injury compensation.

Additionally, if liability is contested, it may prolong the process of claiming compensation and the case may need resolution through the courts. This may also be the case if the employer’s insurance company dispute the assessment made by the Injuries Board Ireland.

Claiming for Work Injury Compensation

It is strongly advised that, as soon as possible after the work injury has been sustained, that you contact a personal injuries solicitor.

He or she will be able to guide you through the process of submitting a claim to the Injuries Board Ireland, and will also help you with the collection of evidence.

Things like photographs, engineering inspections and interviews with witnesses and colleagues can all help strengthen a claim for compensation.

It is often the case the insurance company representing the employer will approach you with an early offer of compensation. Rather than immediately accept this, as it is usually inadequate, it can instead be used by your lawyer to open negotiations.


factory-accident-claimThere are many reasons why an injured employee may be cautious to pursue compensation However, none of these should deter the victim, as they are protected by law.

It is also important that, though establishing employment status may be difficult, this should not preclude the employee from receiving a settlement. It is, however, essential that a solicitor is contacted as soon as possible after the accident to ensure the procurement of a fair settlement of compensation.

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