Taxi Accident Compensation Claims

In Dublin, there are as many registered taxis as there are in New York, and it is therefore no wonder that taxis are frequently involved in accidents leading to a taxi accident compensation claim. The accident may not necessarily be the fault of the taxi driver, for although everybody has a tale to tell of a wild taxi ride, registered taxi drivers have an incredibly good record for public safety.

If you have ever been involved in an accident whilst the passenger in a taxi, it is more than likely to be the result of another driver and that is the person who would be liable for your taxi accident compensation claim.

One of the main reasons that passengers suffer accidents in taxis when drivers do not is that, as a passenger, you are not focusing on the traffic around you whilst in a taxi. Even when a passenger in a car, you are more than likely to look at the road ahead or be following what is going on around you. In a taxi, you feel confident that the taxi driver knows where he is going, do not pay attention to the road outside and then fail to brace yourself prior to an impact. Consequently, your taxi accident compensation claim is more likely to be for whiplash related injuries than any other.

Making a Taxi Accident Compensation Claim

Because of the potential for a serious whiplash injury, you are advised after any accident in a taxi to seek medical advice. Even if you feel that you are okay after the accident, you should still visit a hospital or doctor´s surgery for a check-up – especially if you start to feel pins and needles or get headaches for no apparent reason.

You may also be reluctant to make a fuss about a taxi accident compensation claim if you regularly use this taxi service and have developed a rapport with the driver. Please be aware that taxi drivers pay a premium on their insurance policies to cover the possibility of a taxi accident compensation claim, and you can be fairly certain that the taxi driver would want you to use this facility rather than lose a good customer.

If you have any questions about how to proceed with a taxi accident compensation claim, you are welcome to contact our free advice service. Not only will you find out the procedures involved in making a taxi accident compensation claim, but you will be given helpful and accurate advice about the areas beyond compensation for physical injury that you might also be entitled to. We can also put your mind at rest if you have any doubts about making a taxi accident compensation claim against somebody you may have developed a working relationship with.

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What You Can Expect?

When a taxi accident compensation claim may be based on a whiplash related injury, you should have received a medical examination and be on some form of treatment. We would ask you to tell us know how your accident occurred, what injuries have been diagnosed and what treatment you are now undergoing. We would also ask you a few questions about your age, profession, general health before the accident etc., to help us establish a comprehensive assessment for your taxi accident compensation claim.

Once we have this information (and, of course, you are welcome to ask us as many questions as you wish), we will advise you whether there are sufficient grounds for a taxi accident compensation claim and let you know if the general level of compensation we expect you to receive make it worth your while to proceed.

All the time, it is up to you to decide what action you wish to take. We are just here to advise you, offer suggestions and make you aware of your options. If you do choose to proceed with a taxi accident compensation claim, and legal fees and costs are normally borne by the insurance company representing the liable driver and not by you or the driver himself.

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