Soft Tissue Injury Compensation Claims

Soft Tissue Injury Compensation Claims

ks94055If, after an accident, you have sustained damage to your tendons, ligaments, the nervous system, blood vessels, skin or muscles, this is termed a “soft tissue injury”. As such, scars, lacerations and burns can all be thought of as “soft tissue injuries”, and you are entitled to claim compensation for such injuries if you can show that they came about through somebody else’s negligence.

One of the most common injuries for which victims seek compensation is whiplash resulting from car accidents. There is a common misconception that soft-tissue injuries are relatively minor, and that they will not have very long-lasting effects. However, many injuries can indeed have long-term consequences – particularly when they involve the nervous system.

The younger a potential claimant is, the more likely their injury is to have a long-term effect on their health. Injuries to tendons and ligaments can affect a child’s development, and there are obvious dangers if blood vessels or nerves sustain damage. Additionally, very visible scars can affect a child’s self-esteem as they grow.

Claiming for Soft Tissue Injury Compensation

whiplash-claimsAs in all personal injury cases, the claim for soft-tissue injury compensation is made through the Injuries Board Ireland. First, you make an application for assessment with the board, providing all supporting medical documentation from your doctor. The Injuries Board may require further medical examinations to be undertaken such a that they can assess the future impact of any injuries sustained.

By providing receipts or proof of loss of income through payslips, it is relatively easy to recover compensation for financial losses if it can be shown that the injury occurred through somebody else’s negligent actions. However, compensation can also be recovered if the injury had aa negative effect on your quality of life.

This is much more complicated, as it cannot be measured in absolute terms. As such, it is advisable that you engage with a personal injuries solicitor early in the process of recovering compensation, as they will know how best to communicate your loss to the Injuries Board.

Soft Tissue Injury Compensation – A Summary

Many types of injury can be classified as “soft tissue injuries”, and they can come about in a variety of means. Unless caused by medical negligence, however, you should proceed to recover compensation as you would in any other personal injury case.

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