Hit and Run Accident Claims

Is it possible to pursue hit and run accident claims for compensation* if I don’t have the registration number or drivers insurance company details for the car that hit me?

Hit and run accident claims can be made by anyone against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) – provided the plaintiff has sustained an injury in an accident with a car and that the Gardai have been unsuccessful in tracking down the driver responsible. The MIBI was founded to compensate those injured in road traffic accidents for which an uninsured or unidentified driver was to blame, and is financed by motor insurance companies in Ireland as a condition of their licence to provide insurance services in this country.

Please note that the hit and run accident MUST be reported to the Gardai at the earliest opportunity.

The procedure for making hit and run claims against the MIBI is to file a report online at www.mibi.ie. Alternatively a hard copy of the claim form can be downloaded and sent in the post – although, please note that original documents should not be sent to MIBI when you file any hit and run claims through the post.

Once received, MIBI will investigate your hit and run compensation claim and confirm the Garda report which you submitted with your claim. They will also seek confirmation of the medical report included in your claim to evaluate the extent and severity of the injuries you sustained in the accident. There is no section on the application form to the MIBI (unlike the form submitted to the Injuries Board Ireland) to fill in details regarding financial loss – such as loss of income if you can no longer work – or for the decline in your quality of life, if you suffer with an enduring injury.

For this reason, it would be beneficial when making hit and run accident claims to also lodge a for hit and run compensation claim to the Injuries Board Ireland (after your claim to the MIBI has been filed and a claims reference obtained) – citing MIBI as the respondent and filling in the MIBI Claims reference in the area of the application where the respondent’s insurance policy number is asked for.

Two possible advantages would emerge from completing this procedure:

  1. The insurance companies who fund MIBI are careful with their money, and understandably (from their point of view) would prefer to settle any hit and run accident claims for the minimum possible value. By applying for assessment to the Injuries Board, you will obtain a reasonable and independent assessment of your claim.
  2. You will be able to receive an “authorisation” from the Injuries Board Ireland in order to pursue your hit and run accident claims through court action if MIBI offer you an unsatisfactory settlement – with an independent evaluation already set by a reliable source and liability admitted by proxy.

As the process for pursuing a hit and run compensation claim may seem slightly confusing, especially when you are in recovery from your accident, it would be a good idea to engage the services of a professional solicitor at the first opportunity possible. A solicitor will provide support and a more inclusive explanation which will relate directly to your individual circumstances and in order to receive an adequate hit and run accident claims settlement.