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No online claims calculator of personal injury contribution can be entirely accurate because, whereas a calculator deals with constants, no two personal injury claims are the same.

Most settlements of injury compensation take a minimum of three variables into account – often more. So, unless you are unaware of which variables apply and how each one is calculated, a claims calculator is of little value.

How Settlements of Compensation are Calculated

In order to accurately calculate a settlement of injury compensation, a claims calculator would have to take into account the general damages you are entitled to for your physical injury, the general damages you are entitled to for your “loss of amenity” – the deterioration in your quality of life – and the special damages that return your financial status to what it would have been had you not been injured.

Typically, general damages for physical injuries are calculated according to the values assigned to them in the Injuries Board´s Book of Quantum. How much compensation you will receive for your loss of amenity will depend on your level of social activity prior to your injury, while the special damages you are entitled to will be calculated according to payslips and receipts for related costs you have incurred.

Other Factors for a Claims Calculator to Consider

In addition to the three factors mentioned above, there may be other factors for a claims calculator to consider. For example, you might also be entitled to compensation for a psychological trauma. Some factors will reduce the amount of compensation you are entitled to. For example if you contributed to the cause of your injury or the extent of your injury by your own lack of care.

The term used to describe a lack of care by a claimant is “contributory negligence”. It can occur if – for example – a pedestrian crosses the road in front of a speeding car without looking. It can also occur if you fail to seek medical attention at the first possible opportunity and your injury avoidably deteriorates as a result.

If you are found to have contributed to the cause or the extent of your injury, a percentage will be deducted from your compensation settlement to represent your percentage lack of care.

Speak with a Solicitor for an Accurate Claims Assessment

Only after a comprehensive investigation of your claim – that includes the nature of your injury, the physical and psychological consequences of your injury, and the effect your injury has had on your financial status – can a solicitor assess the value of your potential compensation claim.

Although it may take longer than putting numbers into a claims calculator, it will provide a more accurate picture of how much compensation you are entitled to, and allow you to make an informed decision about whether you have a claim for injury compensation that is worth your while to pursue.

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