Areas of Expertise

Our Areas of Expertise

Rogers Solicitors is a leading specialist civil litigation firm based in the heart of Dublin City.

We are experts in Personal Injury Law and within this area we specialise in just two areas – Workplace Injury Claims and Road Traffic Accident Claims.

Because we do nothing else you can be sure our solicitors have vast experience in these areas and can therefore offer you the best possible service.

Every case is different so please don’t hesitate to call us now to discuss your potential claim. We will be able to offer you advice as to the viability of your claim and explain what your next steps should be.

Workplace Injury Claims

A common concern expressed by employees thinking of bringing a work injury compensation claim is  whether such a claim could have a damaging effect on the relationship between them and their employer. They don’t want to win a claim but lose their job security.  We understand these legitimate concerns and will be happy to explain how this potential issue can be successfully navigated. Call us now on freephone 1800-844 306

Road Traffic Accident Claims

We handle all areas of traffic accident compensation claims including those involving injuries to passengers and pedestrians. We have a very high success rate in this area and can offer you expert advise. Call us now on freephone 1800-844 306 to discuss what has happened and your best approach to making a successful claim.

Please note we do NOT handle Medical Negligence claims. 

We Will Call You Back

Discuss your case with an expert solicitor.

We promise to provide impartial advice and to help clarify your next steps. Whether you decide to move your case forward or to use our services is entirely at your own discretion.

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